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St.Agnes Catholic Community

Our tiny church and its community welcome you.

Nestled in the small town of Saguache Colo., St. Agnes has been serving the community since the 1800s.The "New" church was built in the  1940s  by parishioners. The beautiful stained glass windows were donated by the members and families. According to historical lore, the women of the church were responsible for raising most of the money needed to build the church through bake sales and bazaars.

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About St.Agnes Catholic Community

St.Agnes Catholic Community has served Saguache and the surrounding communities since 1886 when two churches from neighboring communities got together and each brought a portion of their churches and combined them to create the first St.Agnes.Masses are held bi-monthly on Saturday evenings at 4:00 pm

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Masses offered

St.Agnes Masses and Sacraments performed 

St.Agnes holds masses twice monthly on Saturdays at 4:00 pm.Please call 303-
756-6600 for dates. Additional masses may be offered throughout the year. Sacraments and Funerals may be held at St.Agnes

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Giving back

St.Agnes fed several people at one of the many festivals held yearly in Saguache. Choice of delicious burger, dog, or bbq beef, sides, drink... all for donation only to be used  for repairs on the church. 


Coming together 

With volunteers helping to make our church entry safe, a new step was installed along with a gathering pad in front of the church. St.Agnes relies on volunteers to keep the church and its grounds safe. 

The Association of St.Agnes Catholic Community was formed in 2020 and opened the doors of St.Agnes Catholic Church after two years of a shutdown.The Association is responsible for the Liturgical and financial matters of St. Agnes Catholic Church.The Association was granted a 501c3 status in 2021.Your generous donations and contributions help to support our Catholic faith and keep St.Agnes in our community are greatly appreciated.Thank you and many blessings!


Rich Catholic history 

From the beautiful stained glass windows to the sounds of the bell announcing Masses, deaths, special events, St.Agnes has been the cornerstone of the small community of Saguache since the 1800s. Through many obstacles, St.Agnes has remained opened to everyone. With its many cultural traditions, St.Agnes welcomes you to worship with us in its Catholic faith.

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Mass at St.Agnes is twice monthly on Saturdays at 4:00 pm

Come celebrate with us 

A full calendar of events and Mass times can be emailed to you. Please send requests to this website or email us at : stagnessaguache@ gmail. comLook for our Facebook page coming soon!

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